Beat the heat of summers with smart shopping tricks

Summers is one of the most exhaustive time of the year. With increasing temperatures and days getting longer, people all around the world get into the holiday mood and move to beach destinations and hill stations. With the vacation on your plan list, arises the need to do a lot of summer shopping. Markets get filled up with vibrant collections of beachwear, summer clothing with loud and colorful patterns and footwear. Usually, during this time of the year, all the major shopping portals and malls come up with their summer sale offering the best deals at best prices.
Just by keeping few things in mind, you can make the best of these lucrative sales and make your holidays as a memorable experience.
1. The right choice of fabric- During summers our skin gets highly sensitive and prone to allergies and sunburns. Thus, while choosing to clothe, one should ensure that the fabric is breathable and absorbs the sweat well. Cotton and linens are the best choices for this season. These fabrics are super comfortable and soft to your sensitive skin. Polyblends or mixed synthetic fabric are a big no-no.
2. The clothing color and patterns: To make the look more relaxed and comfortable, we should opt for loose patterns, with cut sleeves and a short length. If one can carry confidently off shoulders, paneled dresses, miniskirts, and hot pants are a good option. Color really gear up the complete look. Whites and pastel shades add smoothness and freshness to the appearance. Vibrant contrasts also look fabulous if paired well with right makeup and footwear.
3. The choice for correct footwear: Usually during summers, our feet tend to swell up, hence buying a size bigger is better. Open patterns like slippers, sandals, floaters are a better choice over fully covered shoes since we perspire more and in closed shoes, there are more chances of developing an infection or allergy.
4. Re-designing the existing wardrobe: Before going out for shopping new clothing, it would be wise to review the current collection for any chances of renovating the look and reusing it since old clothes get soft with time and are more comfortable to wear. For example, worn out jeans can be cut short and made into shorts, Old tees can be dyed or innovatively decorated to give it a whole new look.
5. Taking advantage of sales: Summer sale is the right place to get the best-branded stuff at a very affordable price. Hence instead of buying the new arrivals at the time of launch at exorbitant prices, one should wait for the sale, when best discounts are offered.
Apart from the clothing and footwear, there is a necessary “to have” list of products which everyone should buy. Sunscreens help in protecting our skin from dangerous UV rays as well as reducing the chances of developing any type of skin disease. Wet tissues and sanitizers is a must. Since we tend to perspire a lot during hot days, we should be all the time equipped with tissues and sanitizers to avoid any infection. Shades are an absolute necessity to save our sensitive eyes from the terrible heat. With these shopping tips, one can get all ready for a wonderful holiday at their dream destination.